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What’s the easiest way to build relational database applications for the web? Answer: so far, there is no easy way. If you want to build a database application for the desktop – well, there’s Microsoft Access. Access gets no respect. Developers tend to treat it as grandpa technology. (Why is that? Excel is even older,… (read more)

REDWrap Questions and Comments


REDWrap is a utility that converts data from REDCap projects into a more normalized, relational form in Microsoft Access. More info here: Please use this page for any questions or comments regarding REDWrap.


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Updated 9/12/23 REDWrap is a free utility for converting REDCap data exports to a normalized relational data format. It runs in Microsoft Access and converts the flat-file REDCap export into Access tables, created with a more logical (normalized) structure. It’s available in version 1.22. Download here. Requirements Since REDWrap uses Microsoft Access, it can only… (read more)