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Online statistical calculators

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How many test subjects does it take to nail down a hypothesis? When clinical researchers are planning a study, a least-favorite task is figuring out how many subjects are needed. The calculations get a bit esoteric, especially when “treatment” and “control” groups are of different sizes. Dr. Michael Kohn of UCSF had a vision for… (read more)

New phototherapy calculator

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It’s very common for newborns to have (or develop) a touch of jaundice before their livers are functioning at full speed. (One of my daughters went through a lovely lemonish phase during her first week on Earth.) This is caused by a build-up of the yellow pigment bilirubin. Usually it’s harmless, but exceptionally high levels… (read more)

New look for our website

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You’ll notice a new look for the Quicksilver website, including a brand new custom theme (“Quiet Arcanum”) and a couple of neat custom plug-ins. The animated image on the home page is all done with Javascript… just for fun. Hoping to make the theme and plug-ins available for free in coming months. How does it… (read more)